This year the Ascension Day of Jesus Christ is celebrated on May 17. The Day is celebrated on the fortieth day of Easter. After resurrection Jesus spent 40 days on earth. On the 40th day he blessed his apostles and ascended into heaven. This Day marks the end of Jesus’ earthly life.

The Ascension Day of Jesus is accompanied by folk celebrations called Jangyulum. 

In the regions of Armenia the feast is celebrated differently. On the eve of the feast young people gather seven different flowers and fill jugs with water. Then different things into these jugs are put. On the Ascension Day each takes out something from the jugs. During this ceremony it becomes known for young people, that are not married, who is getting married this year, and who will go after. The ceremony is accompanied by songs, jokes.

This tradition is still kept in some regions of Armenia, especially in Echmiadzin.



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